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About this website and its publisher

The ‘Explore Low Furness Website’ was an integral element in the Hidden Light-Low Furness Community Project which began in 2003 and was discontinued in 2008. In 2009 following the establishment of a related visual Display in the Tower of St. Mary and St. Michael’s Church, Great Urswick, it was decided to ‘wind up’ the Project and hand it over together with the Display to the local Benefice churches for on-going maintenance, but we have learned much from the experience and clearly some aspects of the Project will continue in various ways.

Hidden Light-Low Furness was designed especially for those travellers seeking spiritual refreshment and renewal beyond the bustling of better known tourism destinations (the original vision for ‘Hidden Britain’).

The quite remarkable village communities of Low Furness are truly inspirational and reveal many hidden gems from the past as well as the present day.

Secreted amongst the subtle green hills which lie between the Lakeland mountains and the beautiful coast of Morecambe Bay, ‘Hidden Light’ is centred on what could well be the oldest church in constant use in England with connections to some of the key figures in early Christianity in Britain and Ireland including St. Patrick and St. Cuthbert.

Here on this site you will find all you need to begin that amazing journey of discovery.

Where will it take you?

Who knows- but enjoy the journey!