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The following PDF booklets can be downloaded and printed to help you explore Low Furness in an informed and structured way...

In the footsteps of the ancientsIn the Footsteps of the Ancients
This walk, first produced by Neil
Coates and published by Sigma Leisure in
1992 has been rewalked and slightly
modified; it comes highly recommended.
The route is full of interest, beautiful
land and seascapes and provides a gentle introduction to a magicalland shaping and being
shaped by man’s habitation for at least
3,000 years.


Urswick ‘TRAINERS’ Walk
An exploration of lime-stone outcrops, ancient
green lanes and gentle pasture land around Great
Urswick and its picturesque Tarn, which takes
you through a fascinating historical ‘timeline’ of
about 3,000 years and offers insights into another


Weekender walk LOW FURNESS

Follow the trail and take a
journey through this hidden
corner of Cumbria. Find out
more about the magic and
mystery of the people who
shaped the landscape of Low
Furness and whose heritage
remains for us to explore today.

Vale of Nightshade WalkVale of Nightshade Walk

This varied walk is suitable for the whole family with much to interest all ages along the way. Allow time to visit and explore the magnificent ruins of Furness Abbey and its surrounds. Originally devised by Neil Coates and published by Sigma in 1999, this
delightful walk had to be re-routed from Newton back to Dalton in Furness due to recent housing developments and redirected and now obscured
pathways; this does nothing to spoil what is an excellent shortish walk.